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 Hi, I was down this past weekend looking at a property. The last few nights, I have been researching and have found more negatives than positives online. One resident, this weekend, told me that there is some new blood on the HOA board; is it making a difference?


Why haven't they ever put gates up with clickers for the residents? Then they could have a security booth at the main entrance for visitors, and one guard could take visitors info and get their tag #'s. Call boxes could be placed at the two roads that are not connected to them main portion. It seems this would be cheaper in the long run and keep the non-residents from trashing the beaches. You could check out what they do at Sun City in Sunnyside to see what I am talking about.


Also, couldn't you have a couple of neighborhood clean up days, maybe one in the spring and another in the fall, to clean up the walking paths and beaches. Maybe the residents from Eagle and the other could cut one through, so their kids wouldn't have to get on the main road.


I saw that one resident mentioned doing the work for pool priviledges, and it wasn't covering his gas prices; maybe a couple of residents could do it for if for priviledges and  their yearly $300 dues waived.


I would think that golfer priviledges should be quite a bit more because the grounds and such require so much maintenance. If not, that should be a consideration...


Do residents have stickers for their cars? That is a cheap and easy way to see who is using the beaches. Also, maybe residents could receive some type of sticker with turtle emblem and date to show who has and hasn't paid their annual dues. I'm sure lack of funds is a big part of the problem.  


It seems the residents should be part of the solution instead of just complaining. Has there ever been an audit of where all the funds have gone over the years? How are the board members elected? It seems with all the foreclosures, there should be enough new blood to


Also, I hear that you get the run around between GA Power and the Cove HOA about adding a dock. I would just want something simple; would it take an act of Congress to get permission?


Looking forward to reading your comments...

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You bring up very interesting and nice points but no one on the board is interested in your concerns nor anyone elses on here. Honestly.... People that have lived here for years or even new residents have brought up all of the same points (if not very similar points), it isn't like we just sit back and complain and don't make any efforts to change anything - WE DO. We are just blown off and ignored or given a reason as to why it is done their way. They don't care what the younger generation or new comers want or think - the board members are a bunch of old retired people who have nothing better to do or nothing better to spend their time on. Good luck getting anything changed.

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I too am thinking of buying a property in Turtle Cove.  I see some of the posts on here are quite old.  Is there any progress being made with the issues people and talking about on here?  Is it still a "good ol boys" club running the place that don't seem to care, or are the taking an active interest and putting the dues to good use?

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