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I went into my back yard this afternoon to grill some dinner and ws disgusted to see someone scumbag dumped a load of garbage in the empty lot between Backtstage Blvd. and the Freeway.   Of course, it is dumped directly behind my house.  If you see anyone doing this, try to get a license plate number and vehicle description or if it's too dark out, just shoot at the vehicle randomly.  Fire bombing is also effective.

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Good Morning!


I was very glad to see a complaint on the board.  This is a forum that complaints are really good.  I agree it is really becoming a dumping ground, the area between freeway and Backstage.  This property has been an issue for many years as you are well aware.  It is an eyesore that further diminishes the property values of our neighborhood.


This issue will be forwarded to our Community Liaison, Tamara Williams right away.  I will be working to ensure that I am directing problems to the right place through her (455-0506). 


I would really appreciate it if you would email me directly so that I can contact you with updates and add you to our community email list (don't worry, we won't be contacting you with a bunch of crap).


I am researching to find a better website where I will be able to respond more quickly.




Joy Sayler


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That is very aggravating, I'm sure -- as a new HP resident, I will be sure to keep on the lookout for any suspicious vehicles driving just a little too slowly!


Just to throw this out there as a suggestion -- and I'm very aware of electricity costs -- maybe the Ruth Drive residents could install motion detector lights high up and near the back walls. I realize that, for many, it would be cost-prohibitive and very possibly annoying in a number of ways, but maybe it would help deter illegal dumpers AND graffiti criminals. I know it's easy for me to say as I don't live on that side of the street, but it's just a suggestion. --JD


p.s. Appreciate the dark humor.Wink

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