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My husband, Jeff, and I purchased our home here only three years ago so I am relatively new to the area.  We made a BIG change coming from Minnesota.  When doing my research on areas I was interested in, I saw so much potential in this neighborhood.  I searched statistics and reviewed aerial views for months.  I came to town to view 20 - 30 houses at a time.  We put in offers on many, many houses and we lost most of them due to bidding wars or short-sale problems. 

This neighborhood had all the requirements as did the house.  It met our minimum standards and surpassed on many fronts.  We are constantly working on the house but spending lots of time just enjoying being in "Fabulous Las Vegas."  We have seen many improvements since we have been here but we have also seen some deterioration that is unacceptable.

I want to see this neighborhood and all of my wonderful neighbors living in a safe, pretty, clean and well kept environment and I know that you all do to.

Now is the time to take action and make the necessary corrections and improvements. 

Location: Homewood Park
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