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I do not know how to deal with hysteria, other than to point it out.  We live in a dense urban area.  The traffic has gotten to the point that people have become hysterical.


The subway going under homes is inevitable in Beverly Hills and Westwood if we are going to serve population centers and prove that this is what we are doing in the EIR and EIS there is no other choice.  Anyone afraid of the subway going under their home should talk to the many homeowners where the subway already goes under their homes.  There are no complaints.  There are no newspaper articles of any annoyance on a day to day basis.  This is Los Angeles and more to the point Westwood, so if people want to live in a non-congested area then they need to think this through.


Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Chicago and many other first class cities all have subways.  The time has come for Los Angeles to have a subway extension to the Westside.  It only makes sense in light of the cost of gasoline and the time value of money.  I will tell you what makes me hysterical, trying to get downtown during rush hour.  I cannot take it.


I wish the subway was going to go right under my house.  Unfortunately due to the alignment it is not.  Frankly, I don’t care if my house vibrates during the tunneling.  Additionally, I love our city and I love the feeling of knowing commerce is alive and well.  Due to traffic, commerce is thwarted on the Westside.  It is unacceptable and buses are not the solution.  There is only one logical solution and that is the extension of the Purple Line.


I suppose the line was called the Purple Line because the MTA knew people would ignore the project until the last second and then turn purple in their hysteria due to the fear of the unknown especially in Beverly Hills.  Many have come to the information on the subway late and assume it is bad.  The typical Westside knee jerk reaction I call it.  Hopefully our Westwood Homeowners Association members will take the time to talk to the folks whose homes are above the current subway and research how subways actually increase property values in the areas they serve.  This may sound harsh but if people are closed minded and simply say “no” because of fear then they should consider trading their equity in their homes into homes in quieter areas because in order to stay relevant cities must adapt, change and the subway is part of the solution.  It is not the problem.  Westwood is not Mayberry.  Westwood is one of the most dynamic, sought after areas in the world and purple line is way overdue.


Like our Grandparents before us who built the 405 Freeway and many other freeways (God bless them) we should leave a legacy for our children and grand-children.  This is not just about us.  Selfish attitudes of “this does not benefit me” and “it is going to be inconvenient during construction” are easy in a self-absorbed day and age but easy is not always good.  Easy is not what life is all about.  There is joy in hard work and finding solutions.  Remember the old saying, it is better to give than to receive.  This holds true here too.



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I see your points, John.  But you should also consider the concerns of affected homeowners.  It’s easy for you to say that “I wish the subway was going to go right under my house.”  I wish that too!  The fact is that your home is not – so it’s very easy for you to say this.  It would be great if all affected homeowners actually
have this attitude.  However, I can assure you that they do not and with good reasons.


How can you possibly say that home prices will not be affected by having an underground tunnel?  If I were buying a home, I would avoid such a tunnel.  By having it, I am concern about activities going on under my home.  The electricity level, gas presence, chemical contamination etc.  In our current state, and god forbid, what if there is a terrorist attack on subways?  What if there is an earthquake?  These are all potential risks.  Any savy home buyer would weigh all benefits and risks before buying a home.  The more the risks, then the lower the value I would place on a home.


I am fortunate that the subway is not going directly under my house.  But, it’s still too close!  I think as Co-Chair of the Westwood Community Council, your best interest is to protect homeowners like us, to prevent subways from going through/under residential homes.  There must be other alternatives. 

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I totally agree and I am very supportive. It will come a time where leaving close by a metro stop will enourmously increase the value of a property, especially in a neighboor like Westwood. 

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