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I just wanted to see if any current homeowners that have had their homes constructed this past year are experiencing any quality problems with their houses.

I have a Taramore over on 135th under construction that is 3 months behind schedule (almost 1-1/2 increased points on the reserve...) and have been following construction and am concerned.

The plumbing when tested had leaks all over the place, there is daylight visible at various places between foundation and studwalls, nails from the siding that completely missed their intended studs, squeaky floors (on a engineered truss system...), a structural column hanging off into nowhere under my structural basement floor, and various other areas that seem less-than-ideal...

Anybody out there seeing similar situations or that have moved in and have been encountering any quality control problems?

This is my second Village Home, and the first, though smaller, seemed put together much more carefully. I understand the market and the shortage of labor, but when you are plunking down $400K, it would be nice to have some comfort of thought behind having twice as much of a house to have the potential for twice as many problems...


Craig @ The Trails in Signal Creek

By Craig
How's it going now?

How are things going now? Is there anything I can help you with? thanks Elizabeth Welz

By ambassador

I am considering a village home so if they aren't up to par I'd sure like to know. My first home back in 1986 had problems as well i.e. poor workmanship and mechanics liens filed after the builder bailed on the development. That was near you, where the Park Village Pool is. I am suspicious of the rapid pace the builders are sprouting communities around Thornton.
Please let me know how things are going.
Good luck!

By Vic
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Village Homes commitment

As with all builders in the Denver Metro area, Village Homes has experienced labor shortages, quality control problems, and warranty delays over the last two years. However, as the largest locally owned and operated homebuilder in Colorado, and as one doing business SOLEY in COLORADO for the last 17 years, we are committed to the area and our homeowners. We will do whatever we need to do to ''make it right'' within the scope of our responsibilities. ( as defined in both our Purchase Agreements and Warranty Manuals.)

I would assume, that since there are no further postings on this issue that your concerns have been addressed. The market is finally slowing and our Warranty Dept. is slowly getting caught up.

If you need anything further, please contact the Village Ambassador, Carol Hadd at 303-795-1976.

Thanks for using this site - its a great communication vehicle!
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