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I can't believe how management and the board got in so much trouble. First of all I think that the board is reducing their role by trying to hire out all work to 1 contractor. Boy that was easy. I hope everyone noticed he droce a brand new caddliac esclade SUV. And the assessment he did what a waste. Any one can tell you we need paint, roof, etc. With all the people out of work (75000 in Colorado alone) contractors are offering great competitive prices out there. Why pay this guy retail prices. I priced all the work out with subcontractors, who are local people! The contractor is walking away with 400,000 net!!. No wonder he said '' I'm comming back after 1 year and maling any repairs at no cost to you'' Well, well, we already paid almost double!! to begin with! When anyone tells you ''no cost to you'' dosen't that tell you something? Hello - ring a ding ding?
Oh and when he said - ''Since the fires in Colorado the wood is going up'' This is a old sales technique to create urgency. I checked, wood has not gone up - when he made that statement wood was actually comming down due to the economic situation. There are plenty of laid-off people in our community that need to feed their families and would welcome any work we could offer. If we have to bail these people out - I feel each townhome sould be charged only for the work performed on their unit. But lets get going - Julian Duran 303-349-4667
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