Timber Bay

April Board Meeting


Timber Bay POA

Board Meeting

April 25, 2014

110 Sloop Dr.

6 p.m.

Board members present:  Suzanne Morrison,  Henry Blackwell, 

Absent:    Greg Tyler, Earl Scott, 

Joined at 6:50p.m.  by  Darlene Kasper.

Acting President Leo Scott.

Members present:  Tallula Olsen,  Sira Piniero, Russell Onka, Joe Kertes, Ruth Wilson, Faye Smith, Tina and Russell Green, Nancy Blackwell.

Due to a lack of quorum meeting was delayed until 7 p.m.  when Darlene Kasper was able to join.

Discussions before meeting started included request for Board to initiate policy for lot cleanup on vacant lots.  Member stated there was a rat infestation on vacant lot next to her house.

A member submitted costs for light at pool, suggestion for stop signs, and suggestion for extending paving behind mailboxes, and an estimate of $60 from welder to fix gate.


Meeting called to Order by Leo at 6:50 when Darlene arrived and quorum was achieved.

Suzanne said Prayer

Suzanne read Minutes from March.  Henry Motioned to approve, Darlene 2nd  , approved

Darlene presented the Treasure’s report.  Suzanne asked for accounts receivables for 2013-2014 .  Darlene pointed out the aging accounts and stated she still had to write off the Cutter Dr. property that was uncollectible and the foreclosure part that was uncollectible.

Henry asked for accounts that were still open for this Board to use.  Darlene stated those would all be updated and changed when new Board takes over in 1 week.

Leo stated current Board needed emphasize to the New Board the need for liens to be placed and Management Certificate to be filed.

Suzanne made a motion to accept the Treasure’s report, Henry 2nd.  Passed.

Henry and Leo presented report on Road repair.

Suzanne questioned who would be available to pay the contractor.

A member stated they had contracted with CCC to put in a culvert and wanted it understood this would be a private job paid for separately.

Darlene and Henry made arrangements to get a check signed by Earl and pay CCC.

Discussed neo paint or reflectors for speed bump signs.  No decision made

Discussed Gate damage.  Leo stated Earl had equipment to fix gate.  Suzanne presented

Members bid from Lake Area Welders to fix gate.  Henry made motion to use Lake Area Welders to fix Gate.  Suzanne 2nd.  Passed.

Joe Kertes agreed to contact Lake Area Welders and make arrangements for them to repair gate.

Mr. Kertes stated he thought Mr. Kainer, who has moved, had the paint for the Gate and he would check around to see if he had left it with anyone in the Platt.

Darlene stated she had purchased Roundup for around the pool.

Suzanne asked for the information for new owner for the property sold by Kainer so that she could add it to the roster for the Annual meeting.  Darlene stated she would email it to Suzanne.

Discussed the Ballots.  Darlene stated some confusion over Ballot returns as the envelopes and addressing Suzanne used for Ballot return was the same as the Dues payment envelope she had used. 

Discussed the rest of the reports for the Annual Meeting.  Darlene stated she would not be at the meeting. 

Suzanne stated that since an Annual Balance sheet was not presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting it should be presented by this Board, and probably the 2012  Balance sheet also. Suzanne presented the Texas State Law stating it is a Class B misdemeanor not to prepare an Annual Balance Sheet according to Standard Accounting Procedures. 

Suzanne stated that since Darlene would not be at the meeting, Darlene’s husband would need to accept the checks from anyone wanting to pay at the meeting.

Leo stated, he thought,  people would be asking for copies of the Deed Restrictions and By-laws.  Suzanne stated she would copy and provide those in pass-outs also.

Leo asked that the Neighborhood Watch be on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting.

Discussed set up for Annual Meeting and equipment and chairs, and cleanup.

Discussed required meeting of Elected New Board to elect Officers for the Board.  It was suggested Elected Board meet when Darlene was available after work-should she be elected.

Suzanne made motion to adjourn.  Henry 2nd   passed.  Adjourned


Submitted by

Suzanne Morrison










Posted by TBPOA on 05/11/2014
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