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Dog Waste

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Remember it is in the association rules that we must clean up after our dogs. This includes all property common and private in Orchard Hill. I Dog wast is accumulating all around the circle area and where the empty lots are. Please be considerate of your neighbors and neighborhood
Dog waste/ use of leash

Home owners should pick up after there dogs. This is very rude to let your dog waste on other property's and not clean it up. Also letting you dog run around without a lease whatever the reason. It's not a law in DE that you must have a dog on a leash but it is a association law that your dogs/cats be on a leash. Your dog/cat may be friendly but other dogs/cats that are on a leash my freak out causing an incident.
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There wouldn't be an incident if the dog owners kept there dogs in there own yard instead of bring them down to the circle or empty lots to do there thing.  And 50% of them don't clean it up.  I just watch a dog do his thing 5 feet for my lot and they left it there, how rude.  My dog need his exercise so sometime his isn't on his leash but again keep your dogs at your own house and there won't be a problem.

There is no leash law in Delaware, deal with it.  If you don't like it, move back to New Jersey
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