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Stop Signs and speeding

Posted in: Orchard Hill
Please be aware of stop signs and the speed limit in the neighborhood. The speed is 20 miles an hour. I have seen one person with a mini van who speeds around the neighborhood and runs stop signs. There are a lot of children and people walking around the neighborhood. I would hate to see someone get hit. Please a life is very valuable
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You have got to be kidding me, how could you single out one mini van.  99% of you don't stop at the stop signs, i know because i live by 6 of them.  Someone is going to hit a child and i'll be the first to tell the police who stops and who don't. 

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I have to agree with what has been said here, although I, myself am guilty of "coasting" the stop signs in the circle when there is no one in sight to pose a danger.  I would like to say, though, that parents need to be aware that their kids are often playing/hanging around IN THE ROAD on and near the circle.  Every parent needs to let their kids know that this is absolutely NOT a safe or appropriate place to play.  There were two little girls (under age 8) playing with their puppy ON the road in the main entranceway today.  Kids need to walk their dog around the perimeter of the circle or the "public" grassy areas and stay out of the roadway - and they need to confine their playing to the quieter streets in front of their homes, or their yards.
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