Fire Danger For Crescendo Drive!

Posted in: Landscaping

There is a fire hazard in the large vacant lot across from Valley Christian Academy.  The Academy owns the property.    There are two piles of debris at the back corner of the undeveloped lot on W. Whyte Ave across from the Academy and next to the office complex at 1220 Melody Lane.  One of the piles is dry discarded lumber.  The other is a pile of dried branches and other debris.  If one or both of these piles were to catch on fire, houses on Crescendo Drive and other houses in the neighborhood would be endangered.  The fence close to the office complex is broken.  Anyone could camp back by the debris.

Valley Christian Academy owns the property and I called Mr Gunter, the head of the school, 10 days ago.  He assured me that the trash would be cleaned up and the fence repaired.  Neither has yet been done.  I urge you to call Mr Gunter (916-728-5500) and ask that they clean up the property.  I also called Roseville Fire (916-774-5800).  They said they would look into it.

I am not "against" Valley Christian.  They have been a good neighbor.  I am worried about our properties in this time of drought and fire danger.

Thank you.

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