The Experience I Had After Hurricane Harvey In Gulf Meadows

Posted in: Texas
It wasn't our first time being flooded out, but it was our first time with it being this bad. We made a decision to leave on Friday, August 25, and headed to Louisiana. We weren't able to return until September 2. After driving for 6 hours to get back to our home we saw the total devastation of our home and neighborhood. We heard the stories of people being rescued by boats on our street. We expected to be flooded but not to the extent we are. This is where the experience comes in. We are in shock at what we are witnessing and trying to salvage what we can. Trash is being put to the curb and things we think we can salvage is being put out to dry. People are coming into our yard taking our things we are trying to salvage. They hauled off a solid wood TV cabinet filled with movies, CD's and videos, a jewelry armoire full of my jewelry, purses, shoes, and clothes that were not wet, pots and pans, dishes. What were people thinking!!!! We were in the back trying to clean the patio off so we could put our things there and sort them out but the VULTURES and SCAVENGERS in our neighborhood thought different. I cannot believe people actually came and took our things. I am so disgusted by this I can't see straight. I live at the corner of Coastway Ln & Gulf Valley. If you removed any items from 8203 Coastway Ln please return them. Especially my black distressed TV armoire and jewelry armoire. People should be ashamed of themselves. What a disgrace to society. How could you take from someone who just lost everything and were trying to salvage what could be salvaged?. Mary G. Moore

To make matters worse, some of what we stored on the patio was stolen overnight on (9/2 and 9/3. I no longer feel safe in Gulf Meadows. Karma is a B****. What comes around, goes around.

And what in the hell are you going to do with my family photos? Yes, they took my family photos. What I was able to salvage I know now is definitely in the trash.  Just sickening. Go work and get your own things. 

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