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TO: Dog Owners

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Lost and found sites:

Craigslist has a list.

Inland empire classifieds has a list.






In Colton, Rialto and S.W. San Bernardino:


Mainly directed at families with small / toy breeds.

I walk my dog every day.

AT LEAST once a week we encounter a small breed dog running scared and lost.


Mainly directed at families with small / toy breeds.

Does your dog have free riegn outdoors?

Do all family members have control over the dog at the door / gate?

Small breed dogs that have free reign are the MOST reporteed on the lost dog lists.

Followed by those that escape when people open gates or doors.


Free reign dogs always stay close to home.

FALSE!!!  They are running the streets in your neighborhood while you're not watching....and while you're away.

it's during these wanderings that they are VERY EASILY drawn or frightened away.  they will not stop running once frightened......they do not usually run back towards home...........every noise and movement keeps the fright momentum going.

A larger dog weather playful or aggressive is often the cause of fright-flight.

A rambunctious or curious child / teen can set the flight in motion.

A loud noise from  ANYTHING can set them off.

If your small dog is a free reign pet...........you should COUNT ON the dog vanishing some day.

If your small dog is an escape artist, train him to come whenn called.

If he escapes, do not run to catch him...........iff you can walk calmly up to him without excitement, that is best.

but if he insists on staying away from you, .try to get ahead of him-(by car is best).......when ahead of him, walk calmly toward him.......he MIGHT start back towards the house.

Escape artists many times are driven to it because of lack of walks.

If you were to walk him 45 - 60 minutes a day, the need to escape will drop off greatly.




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