Tennis Court - Restore or Remove

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At our annual meeting we opened a discussion about the tennis court and what some of our options are. In its current condition it is a liability to the association with all the cracks in the asphalt. There were two main options that were discussed:

1. Restore it to useable condition, which could cost up to $45,000 - meaning if we had a special assessment - it would cost each homeowner approximately $50 per month, for a year. The benefits would be that we would again have a useable asset that adds value to our individual properties. The disadvantages would be of course, the expense, plus the cost of maintaining it. There would also be the issue of security - how do we keep people outside the community from coming in and vandalizing it?

2. Completely remove it and plant grass in its place. I don't recall the cost involved, but obviously it would be much less than the first option. The advantages would be that we would no longer have an amenity requiring maintenance - or the liability that goes along with it. The disadvantage would be that we would no longer have an asset that adds value to our homes.

There was one more option that was brought up by a resident - turn it into a dog run. Somewhere where owners could allow their pets off leash for some exercise. The obvious disadvantage would be enforcing the scoop rule. A smelly dog run would not be of benefit to anyone.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you willing to pay the price for an amenitiy that adds value to our properties? Is it something you would use? Or do you feel that it isn't worth the investment? The board would love to hear your comments on this issue as it is inevitable that something will have to be done with it in the not-too-distant future.
Tennis Court

During the meeting i heard Dennis mention that he only got bids for a ''tennis'' court which requires specific asphalt. What about making it a ''pickel ball'' court which only needs a smooth concrete slab? Or calling it a ''rec area'' and just resurfacing it with regular asphalt and putting up either a basketball hoop or a pickelball net? What i got out of Dennis's comment was that he only requested tennis court bids. We should look into pricing just an asphalt top.
Tennis Court Options

I would prefer that we remove it and plant grass, making this a larger play area for children. I would like us to consider purchasing a sturdy gym set for children to climb on, swing on, etc.

By Yvonne
Tennis Court

The idea I like best is for a multi purpose sports court. I do not know if that is more or less expensive than a tennis court. Whether or not we change it or tear it out, it is going to cost us money. It would be nice if we could contribute as much free labor as a community as possible to save money.
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