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My family and I have lived in Fleetwood for several years and have watched the front fountain become less than impressive. The fountain on the back pond is so much nicer and even has a light under it, which makes it very appealing at night. My concern is that the fountain in the front, which is the fountain that everyone sees and the fountain that makes the biggest impression on our neighborhood should be as nice or nicer than the one in the back. As the new subdivision next door to Fleetwood becomes ready for new owners, we should keep Fleetwood looking equally as appealing. This won't be easy considering Fleetwood is much older, but a new fountain would help!!! Does anyone else agree??
Fountain Maintenance

I think the front fountain is very pretty, and at least sufficient for the size of the front pond. The back fountain is larger and has a different pattern, but then the back pond is larger. At least when it is full---we need lots of rain! Do we need to buy a new fountain for the front pond (just for looks) or is the current one working and maintainable? And how much does a new fountain cost? Do we have a fund set aside just for a fountain purchase when needed? I personally don't want to or think we should even be trying to ''keep up with the Jones'' (the new subdivision going in next door). Unless someone gets a windfall and wants to donate a new fountain, I don't think the association should be buying a new one just for ''more, better'' looks. Guess that's why I drive a 9-yr old vehicle. But when that fountain does get to the point where it isn't feasible to maintain, then I will say, it's time to buy a new fountain. Maybe Joan or Jim could relate any association funding for such a purchase.
Just my opinion!

By LaRose D.
new fountain

I suppose you would agree that the fountain has gotten to the point where it's time to buy a new one???

By Molly
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March 5, 2008

OH, NO, the front fountain is GONE!

Actually, the information shared at last night's annual HOA meeting is that the old fountain finally died and the Board is soliciting bids on a new fountain. Hopefully, we'll have a brand new one in place before too long. With spring upon us and everyone getting out more to walk in the neighborhood, it would be nice to have this new focal point to visit.

I wish I could find out when it's being installed so I could watch. Just wondering exactly how they are placed and anchored---I love to watch that kind of thing. Guess I'm one of those "how did they do that" kind of people. I have this mental image of a little rowboat carrying it out thereCool............



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