Reducing Speeding in Balmoral

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My name is Joan Carr and I live at 2449 Lovitt Drive, Memphis, TN, 38119. I walk often in the neighborhood and I've noticed that cars speed along Lynnfield and Macinness, I guess to avoid the stop lights on Ridgeway. I have discovered that in some of the other neighborhoods in the Yorkshire area (along Quince west of the 240 overpass) there are speed humps on the side roads to deter speeding drivers. I would like to propose putting such speed humps on Lynnfield Road south of Quince and on Macinness west of Ridgeway. Those roads deadend in the Balmoral subdivision and are not access roads to any businesses or retail outlets. Many children in our neighborhood walk to Balmoral Elementary School on 5905 Grosvenor Avenue. Reducing speeding in the neighborhood is crucial to insuring their safety on their way to and from school.

Is there anyone else out there who thinks this is a good idea? How do we go about petitioning the City of Memphis for such speed humps? Would it require City Council approval? And who is our City Council member anyway?

I would love to talk with anyone who wants to look into this issue. Please email me so we can discuss!
speed breakers

Ms. Carr,

You might contact some one in the Greentrees Civic Association to give us direction regarding how they obtained several speed breakers in thier Sub-division.

Please post what you find out.

By The Campbells71
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