barking dogs on bree ct.

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dear neighbors,the people who own the dog on bree ct . need to do something about the dog barking .we have had enough sleepless nights .we cant even here our t. v.!!! .come on, shut that dog up .im tired of yelling at the dog to shut up.if you dont care for him, give him to someone who will. him is driving us crazy .im calling the pound first thing husband cant miss no more work ,because your dog keeps us up. you people are rude and dont care about your dog or your neighbors .i used to love living here in the peace and quite now its all gone!!!! i hate living here because of your DOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! . now its all gone becaue of You stupid dog . that barks all the time need to do something about it .the dog barks all day first thing in the morning for hours and all evening and all night. we have had enougn .of stupid dog barking .and the owns dont care about others who live around them .im calling the pound first thing monday morning .my husbands missed work from the dog barking all night. he hasnt done that in 32 years .so the people on bree ct. please shut your dog up.if you would spend so time with the dog maybe he wouldnt bark all the time .Self ,rude ,you Got to be hearing all that barking!!!
please keep you dog quite!/cars

i look living here because this neighbor has a more controlled atmisfer ,but also weed out people that don't want the some atmosfear ER neighborhood,and nice people to call home, no one one should have to put up with barking dogs at all hours of the day or night's people work at night and some during the day.the lady's upset with her neighbors dog should have never happened people on Bree ct. that own the dog should never let their dog bark so long .his lonely and wants his master to answer him ,they don't listens this lady has to hear her neighbors dog beg for someone to come to him and there's no answer feel sorry for this family that's lost their little peace they found on south-gate ct. they have a little handicapped boy 11 years old .he cant do any thing for his self.this boy has beat all odds to make it to 11 year's mother cries for many of tears for him.his father cant miss work anymore 32 years on a job that's hard work,mentelly and pharmacologist think ,missing a job the pays several 100 dollars a day because your neighbors wont take care of their barking dog. do.. ,that's not respect for your neighbors. selfish and what kind of person taking care of the dog that barks all day. don't they hear all that noise it creates?i hope all the folks in hickory hills start being a little more respectful and caring for their neighbors .cut down the noise .the lady ,has been up for days everyone should have respect for one another new neighbors on south-gate ct. like running their car real loud .and he likes the noise it makes,but we have people that are slipknot they work, they don't want to hear that car running for 30 minutes ribbing up the mufflers,thats not what hickory hills is about. .and they don't want to hear dogs barking. not all folks like dogs ,.and you have to respect their wishes neighbors have respect for each other. new neighbors get mad because we had to tell him please don't rib mufflers up. do that .we want to be nice to keep a nice place ighbor,have respect for your neighbors .every one who moves in hickory hills needs to read the rules . ribbing up his car at 1:30am waking everybody up and on top of being

By dog barking/loud cars ribbing up

This problem is not isolated to your area, but is a widespread issue within our neighborhood. Maybe it is time we put our management company to use and send out a newsletter reminding everyone they live in a close-nit community and when you put a dog outside, you are bothering a large amount of people. Some people are to focused on themselves to realize they may be harming others.

By Hills Neighbor

First of all I really care about my dogs. I do not leave them out all hours because they don't like to be out all hours. They want to be inside with us. Yes, they do go crazy barking sometimes, too. It's usually for a reason. Someone or something is near their yard and they bark to protect their home or someone's children are screaming and playing, having fun as they should. Or someone else's dogs are barking.
Barking for a reason is one thing. Bad dog owner's that leave their animals out all of the time unattended or with little attention should be addressed, not everyone. It creates problems when everyone as a whole is ''reminded'' when it's a few who are at fault. Also those who are at fault shouldn't own dogs and probably won't listen anyway and just get angry.
As a property owner I have a right to have my dog in it's own fenced yard as long as it's not creating a constant problem for a neighbor. Just like people with children or teens. They like to go outside and play and noise is part of it. The same with motorcycles, hot-rod cars, a birthday, anniversery, graduation or retirement party. Most people like to live life and have some fun every once in a while. It's just when things get out of hand or are contiunous that it should become an issue. I am an older person but all of it brings a smile to my face to know someone is having a good time.
When you move into a neighborhood as large and close as ours you should expect and embrace the diversity, the activity and the noise. It's part of living. If you want solitude you need to get a home with more land between neighbors.
I have found it best to try and ask someone nicely first, if I have an on going problem. Most of the time they are nice back and didn't realize they were upsetting someone or it was a temporary situation. You never know what may be going on. When I had a loved one in critial condition at the hospital I had to leave my dogs out more that usual for a couple of weeks and I bet they did bark. A kind neighbor noticed that things wern't normal at our home, the dogs barking, yard unkept, etc. and offered to help. It was wonderful. I have neighbors with college kids and when they come home for spring break it's like a circus moves to town, but I think it's great. It's only for a while then they are at school again.
Then there are those that won't listen or are hostile. If that's the case I would take it up with management.

By A Hill's Neighbor Also
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