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Had my Car parked out front for less than 15 mins while I load my dogs into the car and there was the HOA lady in her Dodge Stratus taking pictures with her cell phone and the next day I get in the mail a picture of me loading the dogs into the car with a letter saying no parking in the street and that I may face a fine if not corrected.


The HOA is driving down the value of our neighborhood, none of my family or friends even want to come over anymore because of the unfriendly HOA and feeling that they may get us trouble with the HOA.


We have lived in the Roseview neighborhood for over 10 years and it is getting worse than ever before and our home values are only getting worse.


We are looking to move out of this HOA as fast as possible.


To all others looking to move into the Roseview neighborhood.  Do Not Do It!!!

I'll agree! I've seen that BIMBO in the stratus before and even confronted her. She looked like she was casing the neighborhood or something. 

I've lived here since shortly after the community was started. I have received letters in the past for trash can out too long or weeds but only recently for parking. There have been many cars parked on these streets for a long, long time and I've never until recently heard of anyone either getting a letter or complaining about it. WTF? Rossmar and Graham, are y'all just trying to increase revenue until it's legal again for you to raise our HOA fees again?

Leave us the heck alone! We've done just fine for the past 10+ years without your crap. Why don't you send your BIMBO out to clean up some of the yards in these abandoned homes and have a positive impact on this community instead of trying to alienate the neighbors.

I for one would vote to decertify this HOA! Anyone else interested?

I am positive if you followed the CC&Rs for the community and maintained your property you would not have any problems with the HOA. 

Actually, the HOA is increasing property value by ensuring properties and the community are maintained properly and our community remains well kept and desireable.


The only posts I see here are from those who do not follow the cc&rs and refuse to cooperate with the HOA as the majority of our residents do.

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