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Dangerous Tree Ordinance enacted by City of Southfield

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The city of Southfield has enacted a Dangerous Trees Ordinance to address dead and dying trees on private property that might pose a potential risk to public safety or an adjoining property. The City has also implemented a Dangerous Tree Removal Loan Program to ease any financial burdens the ordinance may cause residents.
The ordinance requires homeowners to maintain trees so that they do not become a danger to the public or to an adjoining property. If a city inspector determines that a tree is hazardous, it is the homeowner's responsibility to remove the dead, diseased, or dangerous tree(s); or the dead, diseased, or dangerous limb(s). The City will utilize the International Society of Arboriculture Guide to Evaluation of Hazard Trees in Urban Areas to determine whether the condition of a tree or limb constitutes a danger. Any owner of a property failing to maintain or remove trees or limbs in conformity with the ordinance will be notified in writing by the City. The notice will specify the time period within maintenance or removal must be performed. Failure to comply with the ordinance will constitute a municipal civil infraction.
The Dangerous Tree Removal Loan Program will offer residents with the option of a low-interest loan to finance the removal of dangerous trees under the ordinance. The program provides residents with loans at a three percent interest rate repayable over a five year term. Only trees that have been identified as "dangerous" by a city inspector are eligible for a removal loan. Residents may then apply for a loan through the City's Code Enforcement Department who will get a quote for the tree removal from one of the City's licensed tree contractors.
Residents should call the City's Eyes on Southfield hotline at (248) 796-EYES (3937) to report a potentially dangerous tree on their property or an adjoining property. Residents should be prepared to leave detailed information regarding the address of the property, where on the property the tree is located, and if possible, the species of the tree. After a call is received a city inspector will come out to determine if the tree constitutes a hazard as outlined in the Dangerous Tree Ordinance.
For more information, call the City's Code Enforcement Department at (248) 796-4140.

Posted on Monday, September 22, 2008 (Archive on Saturday, November 08, 2008)



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