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Daniels Street playground

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Some residents and business operators have complained about adult behavior at the playground located on the corner of Eden Avenue and E. Daniels Street. Fairly large numbers of people, both under and over 18 years old, gather there on warm evenings. There is a basketball court which is used, but there is also public drinking, marijuana use, gambling, foul language and possible drug traffic from cars which cruise Daniels and stop in the middle of the street to make a deal. Most neighborhood mothers will not take their children to this playground, which has swings and other playground equipment specifically for use by younger children, because of the adult activity. The community police officer has stepped up his patrol of the playground and has made several daytime arrests there on drug charges as well as outstanding warrants. One suggestion for dealing with this apparent problem was to close the basketball court and expand the playground for younger children. There were objections to this, primarily that it would deprive those who enjoy outdoor basketball an opportunity to play in Corryville. The response to this was that Corryville has a brand new gym with two basketball courts just a hundred yards from this playground. the objections continued that the people using the outdoor court would not want to be in a surpervised gym, that the gym would probably be hot in the summer and that it would be seen as racially motivated. What do you think?

By Bill Hatley

Why sould the people not gather there, that is what community is all about.


"possible drug traffic" , what does that mean other than you and others are looking for bad. Why is public drinking bad in a black neighborhood while the white swells can drink at the stadiums and when they are raising money for the politicians?


I never see adults at this park bother kids. Adult may try to interest the mothers but the mother can say no thank you. That's not unnatural.


And what adults or children want to be supervised? You need to chill. Whenever some see more than four blacks, and I know your worried about the black folks, get together , it is a bad thing in your mind.


Robert Hill

Besides Daniels Street is a long way from Walnut Hills or even further from East Walnut Hills. It is a few blocks from U.C.

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