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2014 Budget - Fliflet Input

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Hi All

I'm sorry I'm not following the exact instructions below on how to discuss this, but I was not quite able to figure out how to use that website discussion tool after clicking the link below, and we are not able to make it to the meeting on Thursday night so I wanted to comment.  It also seemed as though the discussion tool was not really used by many people as there wasn't very many posts so I'm
hoping this will bring more people into the discussion.  We would be opposed to yet another increase in our annual association dues and feel we should make spending choices that will allow us to stay within our current budget.  We feel our annual dues are extremely high for what they cover, and would hope that the
Board would work to find ways to reduce our dues in coming years, verses spending more. 


Julie Fliflet

Senior Director of Finance and Administration

| www.thespco.org


Thanks Julie for your input. If you look at the budget you will see that almost all of it goes to three areas, sewer fees, mowing-maintaining the grass and insurance. Everything keeps going up each year, especially the sewer costs (as budgeted and known when the system was installed 20 years ago) so there really aren't many options for significant savings short of having folks mow the common area grass. I assure you the Fields has also looked into hooking onto the new city sewer system being rolled out in Lake Elmo, but it is way too expensive at this time (i.e. the last mayor wanted us to pay $10,000 per home then the monthly fee that Met Council sets that will go up each year).

In addition, many households have expressed concern about the declining "look" of the common areas, particularly the entry monument garden and pond area.

As a Board member I am interested in any ideas you have.

I wish we had more options too.

Paul Nielsen


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