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i am having the same problems on my street the neighbors are buying drugs out in the open little kids everywhere in the alley. I even saw a 1year old and maybe a three year old running down the alley with no shoes on and glass everywhere. there is a complex down the street from us that is section 8 housing and that's where 90% of the problem is coming from i did talk to a few parents and i was told to mind my own #$%@&(&() business. which i thought was great,  good parenting for sure.

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I have lived here almost 15 years and have brought this problem once before. A month or 2 ago, a woman that fixes bikes and gives them to people, was robbed, the renters kids stole 5 bikes in her back yard, the police were called and one of the other renters (young girl)told the police where the bikes were. These peoblems will continue to get worse, I left my bike in the back yard and came back out to my deck and here was one of the renters kid staring at it, I yelled 'Dont even think of it" and he rode off fast, until they evict the people causing the problems, this kind of stuff wont stop. I have seen kids as young as 3 wondering across the street and running around the park. We have to lock things up as if we lived in a crime ridden neighborhood. I suggested before that they put a fence around the park (58th & 59th & Woodburn) to keep the kids out of our yards. Im with you all and just hope that the people that sit on the  Armatage Board will help us find a solution.

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