Sonoma Ranch pool being reserved EVERY day after school for the swim team

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Is anyone else furious that the swim team has been given the big pool EVERY day after school to use?  What pool do we get?  The smaller pool is broken....


So, where does that leave those of us who are paying our assessments?  Why does the swim team get first right?  I've asked for a meeting with all involved so we can come to an agreement that is fair to EVERYONE.


If you are interested, email me.  I'll send you information to attend a meeting.


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which is greater? school district taxes or assessments? i'd think of the natatorium down by the middle school/stadium over our small itty bitty pool.

wouldn't it be more appropriate location considering that it is competition grade, has lanes, lockers, other equipment......and is supported by out tax money and wouldn't upset any homeowners like yourself.

additionally, if there is fee or cost associated with renting the pool(s) over there across 1604, whay not have the parents finance the kid's swimming sports and support them by paying it?

the clubhouse pool is wholly inadequate for a team of any size and takes away usage from the community members unnescessarily.

perhaps participation in the swim team is really a cheap and convenient day care solution for mommy and daddy. that's my take on it if it is being reserved for a lengthy number of days during the week and during primetimes.

i wonder what the rent would be at the natatorium? perhaps cheaper than day care en masse for a big enough team?

i know the team has been quite successful in their competitions in the recent past. perhaps it has reached a maturity point where it needs to move on across 1604.







My family and I have been to the pool only once this summer season becasue the swim team is always monopolizing the pool. By the time they finish, it is too late for us to go to the pool. Very unfair.

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