Speeding in the community

Posted in: Windward Pointe
What does everyone think about more stop signs? Do you think that will help the speeders? What should we do?
Give out Tickets!

Why can't we get cops to ticket people who speed through the community??
Traffic signs are an eyesore!

Traffic signs are a waste of money and an eyesore! In our last meeting, no one thought that speeding sings would slow speeders. Yet, we are wasting money buying them. Furthermore, there was talk about children at play signs and no parking signs. Soon our small community will be full of ugly sings that no one pays attention too.
Speeding is getting worse.

Speeding has been a problem in our neighborhood since day one. I used to blame it on ''Outsiders'' but I think that we can all agree that it is mostly the residents that speed. They are too inconsiderate to slow down, even when approaching kids at play, or pedestrians. I think that I have an idea. Why don't we start listing them on the website, making notes of exactly who is speeding, and after we get enough complaints against these individuals, we go to their house and have talk with them? I would like to start with the guy that drives the blue step-side Chevy pickup truck. He drives like a madman every day through the neighborhood.
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