Our Information

Board of Directors - Steeplechase Alpharetta


David Souza

Norma Williams

Kathryn Rookes

Tatjana Lazic

Martha Blanchard



Steeplechase Residents:

3000 Steeplechase Sandra J. Morgan
3002 Steeplechase Steven E. Peters
3004 Steeplechase Krista E. Carter
3005 Steeplechase  
3006 Steeplechase Gigi M. Whiteside
3008 Steeplechase Frew R. Daniel
3010 Steeplechase Not Available
3011 Steeplechase Mark Senterfeit
3012 Steeplechase Alexander J Ackley & Olga B Ackley
3013 Steeplechase Kathryn Rookes (New Owner as of 12/30/10)
3014 Steeplechase Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
3015 Steeplechase Amy E. Bryant
3016 Steeplechase JOHN C STALCUP
3017 Steeplechase Kyle Deogburn
3018 Steeplechase William E. Armgard
3019 Steeplechase  
3020 Steeplechase Kelly O'Brain
3021 Steeplechase  
3022 Steeplechase Martha A. Thompson
3024 Steeplechase Georgia g. Crawford
3026 Steeplechase David J. Souza
3028 Steeplechase Karen M. Downing
3030 Steeplechase The Living Trust of Naomi C. Braff
3031 Steeplechase  
3032 Steeplechase Jeffrey William Wuschnakowski & Ileana Manuela
3033 Steeplechase  
3034 Steeplechase Shelley R. Shaw
3035 Steeplechase  
3036 Steeplechase David H. Bainard
3037 Steeplechase  
3038 Steeplechase Pict Sylvia P. Byrd
3039 Steeplechase David P. Shaver
3040 Steeplechase Pamela D. Swann
3041 Steeplechase Paul F. Smith, Jr. and Joyce E. Smith
3042 Steeplechase Normagene K. Williams
3043 Steeplechase Josh Harkey & Sara Loesch
3044 Steeplechase Kaye Smallwood
3045 Steeplechase L. Leigh Fincher
3046 Steeplechase Charles M & Charles K Kennedy
3047 Steeplechase Kerry J. Shorr
3048 Steeplechase Ethel Mae Stewart
3049 Steeplechase Erik M Bomboy
3050 Steeplechase Priscilla A. Brown
3051 Steeplechase John L. Walsh
3052 Steeplechase Carol Copp
3053 Steeplechase Charles N. Morris & Shoneice L. Morris
3054 Steeplechase Wells Fargo Bank
3055 Steeplechase Edward Kleynershehet & Anna Shmidt
3056 Steeplechase Betty Carol Crook
3057 Steeplechase Carol Bolam
3058 Steeplechase Steven Neifield
3059 Steeplechase Michael E. Parker and Barbara D. Parker
3060 Steeplechase Jo A Lindsay
3061 Steeplechase Rolland W. Young, Jr.
3062 Steeplechase Amos Douglas
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