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Volunteers within the Spring Falls HOA will be knocking on the doors of the residents in the community asking for support of the installation of speed humps throughout the HOA. Metro Louisville Public Works just recently completed a traffic survey which determined the need for the traffic humps to reduce speeding. The main through streets of the community was approved for a total of 12 speed humps. These speed humps are designed to slow the traffic down to within the speed limit without requiring vehicles to come to a stop to navigate over them. Our metro councilman, Mr. James Peden supports our effort to install these important deterrents to speeders. His has pledged to pay for two thirds of the cost of the project through his discretionary funds. This makes the project affordable to the HOA. To become eligible for the funds, 70% of the homes living on the street that the humps will the installed must sign a petition agreeing to the installation. When your neighbors stop by for your signature, please help us reduce the volume of traffic and the speed of the vehicles who travel through our neighborhood by signing this petition. The cost of the project will NOT increase homeowner dues in any way. If you have any questions, please send a note to the HOA e-mail address: springfallshoa@insightbb.com

Three of the speed humps have been approved for Leisure Lane and Lancewood Rd. by getting the required signatures of the homeowners impacted by the change. The expense for the humps by the HOA has already been sent to Public Works and the project is waiting for construction. This is one of the busiest streets in the HOA and the speed humps will help slow things down. Unfortunately, it will force other streets to become more congested as driver change driving habits to avoid the humps. We have budgeted for eight more speed humps on Lancewood and Brook Bend Way but cannot proceed without 70% of the homeowners on the street approving through signage of petitions. If you have not been contacted and you want to sign the HOA petition and you live on one of the two streets, contact the HOA at springfallshoa@insightbb.com so we can connect.

The Leisure Lane speed humps were installed on December 3, 2010. We hope to install more in the future as we get the proper paperwork from the residents. Brook Bend Way is become a speedway from Leisure Lane to Carmelwood. We have the money budgeted and we can move forward once we get enough signatures on the petitions that have been circulated throughout the neighborhood. If you have NOT been contacted and want to sign the petition, please contact the HOA at our new e-mail address:




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