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Signs Around the community: The prohibition of street and sidewalk vending

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The prohibition of street and sidewalk vending



Sidewalk Vendor. Any person who exhibits, displays, offers for sale or sells any food, beverages, goods, wares or merchandise from any stand while on the sidewalk; food vending push cart located on a sidewalk


The Sidewalk Vending currently operating on private property causing congestion on city sidewalks


The prohibition is designed to ensure clear paths for pedestrians.


(1) Vend within 500 feet of any kindergarten, nursery, elementary, middle, or high school;

(2) Vend within 500 feet of any church, Sunday school, or other religious institution;

(3) Vend within 500 feet of any public park, public parking facility, or other public institution;


No mobile vendor shall be located within 50 feet of any bus stop.


No mobile vendor shall stop, stand, or park a vending vehicle in order to make a sale within 25 feet of any intersection including, but not limited to, private drives, accessways, or intersecting rights-of-way.


No mobile vendor shall stop, stand, or park a vending vehicle at a metered parking space for the purpose of selling or sell on any street under any circumstances during the hours where parking, stopping, or standing has been prohibited by signs or curb markings or is prohibited by state statute or ordinance when such metered parking spaces, signs, or curb markings have been located on public streets, public property, or sidewalk vending private property.


City Service: 877 ASK-LAPD - Non-emergency Police Service



Many of them are not in compliance with City and County health, safety and tax law; bottom line Sidewalk Vendor is hurting property and lawn lowering property value assessments by 20 percent.

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