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my name is scared mother my family and i brought a house three years ago. ever since the once month the people in the neighhood as hated us. they came after us with knives,bats, bricks and fighting my family and visiters.the police have been called so many times to help us. what i want to know can the city buy us out to move? or what can be done about this problem. thank you, unhappy
Don't Give Up

Do, not give up the neighhood is about to change. its going to take time, keep calling the police.
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I feel your pain. I being active in the community where I live can only suggest contacting your civic association and I can only hope that it is active; and city council person. There is a nuisance neighbor law in place within the city where the amount of complaints (points) towards a particular resident adds up. This is thru the calls to WPD these point add up to where the landlord if rented unit or owner would be sited, called in to seek resolution to the problem.  Go to (ip address) direct to city website, scroll down to public nusiance properties.  I am curious where on the eastside you live? I can offer pointers JDennis- Pres Vandever Ave Civic Assoc

 i feel want you are saying i just moved here and had 4 tires cut after a nieghbor exchanged words with and my daughters.police have been called but i have been threaten with hammers and that snitches get stiches i fear for myself and my daughters.everyday I'm being watch all day and night .loud music and drinking all the time and police drive by and nothing is said I feel trap and in danger.So want can I do to be safe.I can't move.Can someone Help.

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