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Sixth Avenue Coalition

One of Oakland Parks newest associations

In early 2006 residents began to meet and discuss neighborhood issues. Soon the Sixth Avenue Coalition was formed. Our street has a unique history. One side (east) had belonged to Oakland Park for many years. The other side (west) was unincorporated and recently annexed into Oakland Park. One side belonged to one organization and the other side belonged to a different organization. To further complicate matters the street is under county jurisdiction instead of the city. Between two organizations and two governments (the county and the city) it was difficult to accomplish common goals. Hence both sides of the street joined a coalition to streamline representation.

Crime Watch

One of the most pressing issues concerned crime and quality of life. The Sixth Avenue Coalition (SAC) met with BSO and developed a crime watch program for the neighborhood. Along with that the city worked with the association to improve lighting for the area. FP&L increased the output of the streetlights removing many of the dark spots on the street. A new light pole is scheduled for placement in the future. These actions have been very effective.

Traffic was and is a major concern of residents.

Traffic was such a concern that it was written into the mission statement. The street had few speed limit signs and was subject to chronic speeding and thru truck use. Working with city commissioners and county commissioner Keechl new speed limits signs were posted.

The area was undergoing the North Andrews Neighborhood Improvement Project and new issues arose. The area had an immediate increase in accidents due to U-turns and began to suffer from traffic using swales as passing lanes. The county placed new NO U Turn signs.

Currently the association is seeking assistance in addressing swales being used as traffic lanes. Extensive damage on a daily basis has made this a high priority item. Traffic continues to be addressed by the city and is included in the city strategic planning program for 2007/2008.

The city is currently supporting our request to the county for curbs or a revision in code ordinances so residents can protect swales from abuse.

The association, along with other associations, particiapted in a community standards workshop given by the city. The goals of the workshop were to determine a core value for neighborhoods and suggested revisions in code ordinances.


About our association

Mission Statement

To Protect, Preserve, and Promote our Property Values.

Promote a Safe, Secure and Healthy Environment.

Combat Residential and Community Deterioration from Crime, Juvenile Delinquency, Traffic and Encroachment of Commercial Interest.

Promote Property Enhancement and Beautification.

The Sixth Avenue Coalition (SAC)

Our organization consist of Residential Property Owners located within the boundaries of the organization. The north boundary is Commercial Blvd and the south boundary is Prospect.

Association Meetings 3rd Tuesday

The Sixth Avenue Coalition meets on the third tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
We met at the Oakland Park City Library located behind City Hall. City Hall is located at 3650 NE 12 Ave. The library is immediately behind city hall at 1298 NE 37 St.

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