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My husband and I just moved into our house here in highland acres/lakeside heights Sept. 2010 and I have noticed that when we talk to alot of people and they ask about where we live and we tell them they dont exactly have the nicest things to say about our neighborhood... like that our houses look trashy and that they wouldnt live there and that we dont look like a nice neighborhood and I understand money issues and all but I understand where they are coming from as well. When I walk my dog around the neighborhood there are alot of houses that well need ALOT of help and we are paying 45.00 in dues a year to keep up a park? we should be worried about keeping up some of these houses that way we dont look trashy.... especially the houses on the outer roads that most people see like N. Oak and Woodland and 291. I mean we live right up the street from multi million dollar homes and we look like we live on the opposite side of the tracks if you know what I mean. I would rather pay a little more in dues and have some of these houses look like we are proud of our neighborhood versus looking like we live in some ran down cheapo neighborhood who doesnt care.....lets pull together and help other neighbors that might need help so theyre houses can look nicer and we can all be proud!! Maybe get a actual sign to announce this is our neighborhood versus this little green sign that you cant even see, I mean that is disgraceful every neighborhood has a sign.

There are some concerns in our neighborhood as in any other neighborhood, regardless of home prices.  I have also talked with people in neighborhoods that deal with more drug problems, burglaries, etc. than have been reported in our area. I, too, can have house envy at times as I drive through Staley Farms, but also don't want the house payments they incur.  Some houses were foreclosed in both areas during the housing bust, but many of those in HA/LH have now been purchased.  Board members report to the city any houses that are in violation of city ordinances if homeowners do not comply to a letter sent by the Association.  Unfortunately we do not have the authority beyond city codes, except to encourage people to maintain their property.  Finances must be an issue for some,  as delayed payment of dues is an issue.  The dues of $45 do more than just the upkeep of the park as indicated in the last newsletter. If you are willing to help your neighbors with repairs, etc. I say volunteering to do that is very commendable on your part.  There are assistance programs by the city to help people that qualify financially.   In response to the signs, those were affordable with what money was available because of permits, etc.  Those were the first signs indicating the borders of our neighborhood in many years.  

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we are old and not able to do a lot with our house anymore.  we do what we can, but that is it.  there are several things we would love to do to improve our house. we even started some projects and found out it was too much for us. about all we have time to do anymore is to mow the grass and that is getting to be too much for my husband at times.


if you would like to volunteer to come to our house and do the things we want to have done to improve the neighborhood, we would really appreciate it.


we are proud of our neighborhood. we have a low crime rate and most of the houses look nice.  most of the people keep their yards pretty decent.


what i don't understand is if you are embarassed by the neighborhood, why would you want bigger signs to announce the neighborhood?


let me know if you want to volunteer your services to make my house look better in the neighborhood. just respond to this posting.

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