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Attn: Dickens Street Board of Directors December 24, 2004

Dear Board of Directors,

I wanted to write to share my thoughts on the upcoming increase of Homeowners dues.

I would have liked to have had a participation on the decision and still would.

As a dues paying member of the Homeowners since September 1, 2003, I have felt a sense of exclusion. When I asked for some consideration in regards to the sprinklers going off outside my place at 4:45 A.M., all I got was a run-around. When I would call Westcom, I was told to call Kelly Casias. I tried and tried and she was hard to get a hold of. She said to leave messages on her cell phone because she was out of town. One day when I called at 7:30 A.M.. to share my frustration after all my attempts went unanswered, she answered angrily and asked me never to call her again. When I was told by Diane, what time the sprinklers were going to be changed to, she said 10:00 P.M. and I felt good about it. Then after all of that, I was told that one of the board members (Jim) wanted it an hour later, so based on that whim it was changed. It shouldn?’t have been that difficult.

For over a year there has been a charge on my homeowners bill for screens, which I NEVER RECEIVED. Soon after I moved in, I had my own handyman put in some screens. Never did I order screens from Dickens St, Gardens. I?’ve been asking for a year to take the bill off. Jim said he would do it and it never happened. At the Homeowners meeting, Kelly said she would take care of it. NEVER happened. Trust me, I don?’t need to lie about screens. I?’d be happy to pay for screens if I ordered them. I remember receiving a form asking me if I wanted screens. I didn?’t need to as I had taken care of ones that needed to be replaced MYSELF. Again it shouldn?’t be that difficult.

I tried to be cordial and friendly in regards to the new driveway. I thought it was a great idea. I thought we could work on the parking situation while it was going on, but it seemed it was a ?“fend for yourself?” approach.

Speaking of parking, I think if there was a communal effort to improve the parking on our street, something could change. I was told by Fortuna Ipolita, that the painted red curbs across the street is actually illegal. If we bonded together, something could happen. The parking on this street is not fair to those who live on it, as people who visit have an impossible task to find a space. It?’s hard to achieve change if one person is doing it.

Lastly, the passing of the torch back to Westcom could have been more inclusive in the decision making. It should have required a separate meeting or an Email correspondence, and not stating the dues increase at the beginning of the new year was happening without inclusion of the entire membership. There seems to be a lot of ego and not enough collective communication that might inspire people to act in the best interest of EVERYBODY!

Thanks for your time and understanding. I?’m actually coming from a very place with all of this and am open for better communication and good feelings among everyone at Dickens St. Gardens in 2005 and beyond. I personally am willing to contribute to a better way.


Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan


(818) 783 7940

15240 1/2 Dickens St.

Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403



By Paul Ryan
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