Board meeting01/09/05

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Dear Board members:

At the last meeting I brought up janitorial expense, then and now.
Now we are paying $140 monthly @ 2x Back in 1978 we were getting 4x for $80. Someone said ''Look it is Inflation.''
Well, I say it is not, back then the $80 went to the Janitor, he got $10 per HR. and he worked 2 hr. a week. Now the Janitor is getting $60 a month, (3hrx$10x2) the other $80 is going for administering expense and other middle men charges.

To cut expenses and keep a lid on dues increases we need to eliminate the high cost of administration expense.

Yours Truly;
Henry Zysman

PS ever wonder why only 10 cent for every dollar of charity contribution ever gets to the victims?

By Henry Zysman
I should have bought next door

Hi Henry,

What I don't get is that my back stair case hasn't been cleaned for at least two months, but
my dues went up $28.00??????
Go figure!
I was speaking to Dalia Laurusonis, she lives in the gray condo complex directly next
to the East of our building. I think you would agree that building is maintained better than
our buildings. Just take a good look at it next time you are here. It's also managed by Westcom,
but their dues are only $165 per month?????

At their last Homeowner meeting, an increase in HOA dues was raised by the Board president
and then voted down by the general membership.

What our current Board just doesn't get, if they would simply bring any thing they would like
to do to the general membership first to vote on. They won't have a pain in the ass like me
running around and calling everybody ever time they do something. They could have waited
for our general membership meeting in March to vote on an increase in dues. Now it going
to be a pissing mach when we finally meet.

I hope they are planning on first going to the general membership for a vote before they start
any East side landscaping project. They must first get our approval to spend that kind of money.

Just bring it to the general membership first to vote on, its so simple!!!!!!

John Lewis

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