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just wondering why Sheridan Gardens did not agree to the new snow removal plan that the city is trying to institute? Would love to have our streets cleaned soon after a snow.We have a clergy next door who is on call 24 hours a day and sometimes the plow is delayed.dd Also so many cars park on the street that the scoop makes a very haphazard cleaning, something that can't be avoided, unless cars are move before plowing. This new removal plan would help with all these problems.

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We did apply for the snow removal plan.  the problem was by the time we got the information and voted to join the program it was pass the sign up date.  we tried to get accepted after the deadline but was unsucessful. 


We will definetly be on the list next year.

In response to the above post, we are still trying to make our way into the plowing plan as our surrounding neighborhoods are included.  We will post an update as soon as we hear any confirmation either way.


Thank you,

Shellie T.

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We have a person on our block that keeps buying vehicles and he even has an old Dart bus that is used for storage and never driven, a boat that has not been ever used and is old and has sat for years and another vehicle that is never driven plus 4 other vehicles that are sometimes used and of course no room so they are parked in the street and we can never get our street cleaned.  They move them to a clean spot after the snowplow has gone past.  The street cleaner can never clean our street properly because there are always cars.  This person is not the only one on our block that keeps our street becoming clear of snow.  We need the snow ordinance.  I was very disappointed that our neighborhood was not included in the new law about snow removal.  I hear that next year we will have one.  Thank You 

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