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Loud Car in Neighborhood

Posted in: Sharpstown

I would like to ask does anyone live around Mobud and Osage? Well I do and there has been a noise disturbance in the area for over 3-4 months now and I am absolutely shocked that nobody will stand up against this. The house is a rented house with a food truck parked in their drive way. They aren't doing any business there Thank god but one car has been appearing there with their stereo blast to max where my own Father who works the night shift God bless his soul can't sleep during the day and he's a heavy sleeper! According to Houston CODE OF ORDINANCES Chapter 30 30-4 and 30-6 No sound level can pass the level of 68dBa Max which is the sound of an ordinary conversation between 2 people a meter away. If I can hear their car awful music vibrating my walls is that not disturbance of peace?

     I've contacted the association about the problem and they woulnd't do anything about the problem unless I have evidence but every-time I try to record it with my phone the noise is cover instead with static and I can't get sound properly with the video without recording with a voice recording app and that would do me no good tamper with evidence like that or being blame. That car appears ever week and I've jotted down his license plate but with no avail of any help.

      I've talked to the original owners who let them rent the house only to get this response " We don't know what you're talking about and it's not our problem" not only has the owner ignore the problem they wouldn't do anything to solve it. I try talking to the current renters but no one will answer the door and I don't aways have the time to walk over there.

    I've lived in the neighborhood for over 10 years doing all I can juggling school and taking care of the house and helping my parents who work just so my family can have a good life. I've remember the neighborhood being a peaceful place growing up but now that's down the drain. What else can I do if no one is willing to listen?

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