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Pit Bulls

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 What can be done about my neighbor and his Pit bull? It often charges the fence and gets loose. It chases cats in the neighborhood. What is the legal requirement for fencing these dogs inside the backyard? What can be done when it gets loose? Can we outlaw pitbulls within Shapstown?



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Do you still have the pit bull problem?  I hope not.  Write a complaint to SCA and see what happens.  Call Animal Control. You may be surprised at how quickly the problem can be solved. 

Have your tried speaking to your neighbor ? Might he be willing to put in an additonal deterrant to keep the dog from charging the fence?

As a dog-owner, I hardly think that trying to outlaw specific breeds is the answer. Instead I would suggest speaking with your neighbor to resolve the issue. Explain your concerns in a way that is as non-confrontational as possible; the solution might be as easy as them putting up a layer of chicken wire on the existing fence, or blocking the area where the dog normally gets out.

Best of Luck!

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