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I noticed today that a new sign was put up in serra mesa reading Welcome to Mission Village. Has there been a name change? Was this decided at the planning committee?
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I'm not sure in what year you wrote your post but...I just moved to the Mission Village area and have been a long time resident of Serra Mesa.  I always thought Serra Mesa ended at Gramercy and Ruffin where Mission Village began.  There is a sign that says "Welcome to Mission Village" on the incoming side of Mission Village from the stadium that has been there as long as I can remember (15+ years)Smile

Yes you are correct. I am 48yrs old an I have lived in Mission Village all my life. I was really upset to see some were calling M.V Serra Mesa. It is nice to see some people rember the truth. We are proud to call M.V home. When a sign was put on the stadium hill It said welcome to Serra Mesa in big letters and real small underneth it said Mission Village. I talked to a lot of people who grow up here in M.V and there were not happy about it at all. Sorry I know yor post is old but I just found this website.

take care   Laughing

I know this was posted some time ago but I wanted to reply. I have lived in Mission Village all of my life, Im 48yrs old. the name never changed, it has always been mission Village, from taft to the stadium hill ,but for some reason some people started calling  M.V   Serra Mesa. This did not make M.V people very happy. I hope this helps clear things up for you. Take care

                                  From A proud home owner in Mission Village Laughing

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