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Enhancement Committiee????

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It seems that our Serra Mesa enhancement committee needs to change there slogan or make some changes in staff- ''Neighborly people and friendly businesses working together.''?? Not from what I have experienced from the staff anyway!
I have lived in the Serra Mesa area for over 20 years & my neighbors & I have had nothing but problems with them over the years. Now don't get me wrong I am all for a better Serra Mesa but I think our enhancement committee is singling out good people for all the wrong reasons. Example- My neighbor recently tore down a rusty old shed that you couldn?’t even see from the street (unless you where directly in front of his house) that had been there for over 10 years with not one complaint in all those years but the minute he started constructing a nice new one (along with doing another $120,00 in renovations to an already nice home) he was told by another neighbor that someone from the enhancement committee (I wont name names at this point but we know who it is) came by one day after my neighbor left for work & was measuring the new shed frame (why & how sneaky is that??). So after hearing this, not wanting to have any problems, he had it constructed to exact legal code. After construction they told him it was to big but then changed it to the fact that he lives on a corner lot & that where he had put the shed was considered his front yard rather then his side yard???? In order for it to be legal he would have to put it in the center of his driveway but then he would be blocking his garage & that?’s not legal either.
A few months later I got a notice for a 25'' wall that has been there since 1984 & was told I too would have to remove my brand new top of the line shed (installed 1 year ago after checking with the city about size & placement- (get it in writing because if there is a code & the Enhancement committee doesnt like you they will find it)along with other trivial violations such as my motor home has to be parked perpendicular in my own driveway which is not possible without blocking my garage (which is also a violation) The people from the city suggested I park it on the street (guess whose house its going in front of every 72 hours if it comes to that!).I know you are probably thinking that our houses are a couple of old rental properties but the truth of the matter is our houses our 2 of the nicest in the area.
I greet & talk to all of my neighbors & feel that if a 47 year old neighborhood is going to have a committee it should be made up of friendly Neighborly people like the slogan says not people that only come out of there house looking for problems. They should be elected by neighbors because they are friendly, problem solvers not because they have nothing else to do.

I left SM about 40 yrs ago. My plans are to return in the near future.  I went back to take a look at what has happened since my departure 40 years ago, and found that not much had changed.  The neighbor is about the same with the same uncared for houses.  I always figured, if your going to investment that much money into a house, you should take pride in your home. I understand that we all have different ideas and I'm all about new and different. I also notice that the same shopping center which once house a Big Bear grocey store, is now a dump.  What happened?  When did SM stop caring about were we shop.  If we love SM, then people should come together and request that something be done to renovate the very small but very special strip mall, that has been completely forgotten.  Would appreciate a reply from the Enhancement Committee or anyone who cares about SM.  Thank you.


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