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How To: Neighborhood Watch

Southeast Uplift Tells How

Stable neighborhoods result from people caring and sharing. Organized neighborhoods experience fewer crime problems. By sharing all the problems that occur in your neighborhood with all residents, you build awareness. That knowledge can reduce opportunities for crimes to occur.

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to increase neighborhood livability by reducing crime and the fear of crime through active citizen participation. Just as important, Neighborhood Watch helps to build a sense of family on your block.

Here are some initial steps to organizing that explain exactly what's involved in getting started on a Neighborhood Watch:

STEP ONE: Talk with your neighbors about crime issues. Get general agreement for the best day and time to hold a group meeting for this purpose.

STEP TWO: Decide on the specific geographical area you plan to organize. Most groups include both sides of one block, the corner houses, and backyard neighbors.

STEP THREE: Send written invitations well in advance of the meeting date. Be sure you hold the meeting at a location that is convenient and can comfortably accomodate the size of the group attending.

STEP FOUR: Seek your neighbors' help in bringing refreshments and/or chairs to the meeting.

STEP FIVE: Have a sign-up sheet at the meeting, so members can choose a task for which they will be responsible.

Each Neighborhood Watch area forms a team with the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Program. Individual blocks develop an understanding of crime, and what everyone can do together to create a neighborhood which is not an easy target.

Using the watch networks when a crisis occurs means information can be quickly circulated. Neighbors can be mobilized when necessary to address issues.

Improving your neighborhood will also help improve your peace of mind, and provide an opportunity for you to help others.

Once organized, block watches can access:

* Crime alerts when a crisis occurs

* Crime statistics information

* Presentations on a variety of public safety

For more information, or to arrange a block watch meeting, call your crime prevention specialist for the Sellwood-Moreland area:

MARCIA DENNIS -- 503/232-0010, extension 18.

Marcia is stationed at Southeast Uplift, an association of Southeast Portland neighborhood associations, located at 3534 S.E. Main Street, Portland 97214...which provided this information. The telephone number of Southeast Uplift is 503/232-0010; its FAX number is 503/232-5265; and its e-mail address is: < >.

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