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Todd, Amy, and Ella ( and our 2 weinerdogs Lucy and Milo)


We've been here in Westmoreland for almost 8 years now, direct transplants from Philadelphia, PA.

We live in a great house near 20th and claybourne, and if you or your dogs have ever been chased or yapped at by a little wienerdog, that was probably our place and our dogs, Lucy and Milo. (don't worry, he's harmless ).

You can also recognize our place because I replaced half of our front yard with 4 -4x8ft raised beds.  I like to garden and in my first year ( 2009) I raised over $1,100 in fresh produce. 

I also like to pickle things and with my friends and neighbors John Pence and Jon Walker, like to cure and smoke meats.

If you can't find me in my garden, I'm usually out back on my deck when it's nice, or in my mancave when it's raining. ( PS3 and a kegerator prove you may have to get older, but you never have to grow up ).

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He manages an IT Project Management Dept for Kaiser.   What that means is that he is responsible for managing a department of people who manage groups of projects under a single program that find the best way to leverage technology to improve business processes, increase efficiencies, and ultimately, provide a solid return on investment.

He loves beer, wine, Gin, Vodka, his lab Barney, rugby, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, and his wife .

She is a legal advocate, responsible for advocating for the mentally disabled and other underrepresented people in the state correction system. ( at least that's what I remember... if you ask me, she helps crazy people get out of jail .. good thing she never comes to this site :)

She loves Bikram Yoga and can be found there almost every night after work, working out, running, snowboarding, and can be dragged into the woods on occasion.


Ella was born in 2006, like the other jillion kids in the neighborhood (must have been one heck of a winter that year ).  She enjoys cartoons, chocolate, and playing with her friends.  She can be found riding her bike around the block or walking her dogs almost every day ( with me behind her ).

We're all frequent travellers and go away often, which makes our house and dogsitters very happy.

Say hi

If you see us ( well, me ) doing yardwork, say hi. If you're nice ( or a tall beautiful blonde  ) chances are, I'll offer you a beer or glass of wine, and some friendly conversation.

We're very friendly down to earth people and love having the neighbors we know over for drinks, but we'd really love to meet more of our neighbors, as we love hosting and having parties on the back deck ( that I built by the way :)

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