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Here's the new procedure to report an abandoned vehicle

If you want it removed from public proper,ty here's how...

First, make sure it is on public property.'s the new procedure:

It is to be done by e-mail. Use the link at the bottom of this page, or manually enter these two e-mail addresses into your e-mail address bar:

Include the following in the e-mail:

(1) The address where the vehicle is located.

(2) License plate or trip permit on the vehicle, and state of issue (but if there is no plate or permit, report "no plate").

(3) Color and type of vehicle.

(4) Make and model of vehicle.

(5) Why you think it is an abandoned vehicle.

And, if it's on private property...

The City of Portland apparently has reinstated removing disabled vehicles from private property when they constitute public nuisances.

This is done by phone, making note of the vehicle details in the previous paragraph when making a phone report. The telephone number to report the offending vehicle to is: 503/823-7306.

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Posted by smile333 on 05/21/2003
Portland, Oregon 97202

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