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Let's close the pool

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   Personally, the main reasons we purchased our home in Woodridge Lake were because (1) we wanted access to a pool that wasn't in our backyard and (2) the gate at the back northeast corner (which is locked at night) would allow our family access to the park and the elementary school.  My family has been very careful and responsible in our use of and care for our neighborhood resources.  Is there any evidence that the vandalism was committed by children or by anyone who lives in our neighborhood?  I believe it's highly probable that outside visitors have been able to jump the fence, etc.  Making decisions intended to make homeowners with children feel unwelcome is narrow-minded--this is not a retirement village. We appreciate that we have felt welcomed by all of the neighbors we have met over the past six + years. 

   By the way, if you would like to be connected with a large Facebook group that includes over 200 neighbors who live in our block who share information on everything from crime to garage sales, please let me know by replying to this post.  I think that would allow me to get your message.

~  Laura

1343 N. Delmar

Add security camera's.. 


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It would be pretty hard to control one child, let alone five - especially if they are not yours.  I don't use the pool but my children did for awhile.  I would take them down to the pool and I noticed there were so many people trying to control everything going on that it was  impossible to have fun.  One woman was yelling at the kids to be quite.  My daughter has friends that live in an apartment that has 8 pools and 0 control freaks making it miserable. No one bothers you and you don't even have to worry about losing your pool access. When the pool comes to your mind try to think about something else and please - stay away from the pool if it does not help you relax.  If you are all uptight you make it hard for anyone to have a good time. 

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