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Water, water, water...

Posted in: Rocky River Crossing
We have observed the ''Voluntary Water Restrictions'' all summer long knowing we would get to where we are now with ''Mandatory''. All summer we have also witnessed RRC continuing to water with our irrigation during the hottest times of the day! Now I still see us watering during the hottest times of the day! Even though we are probably using a well, it still comes from the same water table. It is nice to see a beautiful enterance and keeping the whole Rocky River Road green for all the non-residents zooming through with their McDonalds bags being dropped on our roads (sorry I digress) ... this is not necessary when I am forced to not water my vegetable garden which assists in feeding my family.


No idea why you posted this on our site as we have nothing to do with RRC and it is no where near our community. You may want to address this with them.

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