City of Schertz losing touch with residents?

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Is the City of Schertz losing touch with today's economic issues and it's residents. Are they out to take care of themselves and leave its residents with it's own problems? Are they beoming less tolerant of resident's concerns? I ask this for several reasons:

1. The recent inclusion of new voter bonds to cover construction of nice-to-have-facilities when the city is already struggling with its limited budget and our local schools facing budget cuts.

2. Public works (or Water Dept) lack of communication with its residents to inform them to have their water pressure tested because many residents have been experiencing broken water pipes--resulting in unexpected high water consumption. In this case, the City of Schertz failed to notify residents of the possibility of high water pressure after it installed water towers around town. I recently recently received a water bill saying that I had consumed 27,000+ gallons of water--while the house was empty and the water in house turned off. The city's response was that I probably had a toilet leak and it wasn't their problem. I later found out (after two expensive plumbing repairs) that I had a water pressure of 131 PSI. Yes, city code requires that a water pressure value be installed on the property--that's another $660 courtesy of the City of Schertz Water Dept. I'm getting the impression that these people will do anything to avoid helping customers. I'm sure many of us would win the lottery before the city admits to any wrongdoing.

3. Probably not much the city but the county: Appraisal values either going up or so inconsistent across the county. County officials hide behind vague state policies and then regurgitate them to concerned residents.

4. City Code Compliance: Guess I'll never figure out how city officials measure the height of trees to determine they if they meet city code requirements. They would spend more time enforcing parking code requirements or making sure the areas they are responsible--are kept up to code. Yet another inconsistent enforcement of city code by our local officials.


Don't let their friendly face deceive you. You know what they say--you can't judge a book by its cover.

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