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The thing I would like to remind you is that not all people work 9 to 5 jobs.  Plenty of nurses, police, fire, etc. workers are not on your schedule.  If you dog barks while that person is trying to get a honest rest, I have no problem with them calling animal control.  You should have known before you moved into Mount Juliet that local law does not allow barking dogs.

Actually, we have already talked with Animal Control and according to them (and I trust them over HOA or any other neighbor), there's nothing they can do since the dogs are restrained on our property.  If they were loose and running around, that would be different.  But BY LAW, we have every right to have dogs.  So, what to do...  Well, I for one am going to keep my dogs no matter what because 1) it adds an added security measure; 2) they are fun-loving dogs (ask my other neighbors who play with them); and 3) they have a right to live and live like dogs.

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I'm empathetic to those that work night shifts, but if they expect silence during the day while they are trying to sleep, then they need to buy some property, because Mt. Juliet noise ordinances do not restrict barking dogs during the day.

This is what it says in the animal control law:

SECTION 3-2-105 NOISY DOGS PROHIBITED.  No person shall own, keep, or harbor any dog which, by loud and frequent barking, whining, or howling, annoys or disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighborhood.

I do not see any mention of time restrictions.

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