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I’ve been thinking since I just got an update on the fires... It's now 35% contained but a "flare-up" that was "quickly contained as 5 fire crews were nearby burned through 50 acres" today. According to the LA Time, "If an ember flies across fire lines into dense brush while the winds are blowing and humidity is hovering around 8% in the area, it is nearly a certainty a fire will ignite, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Division Chief Chris Anthony said. That’s what crews suspect happened with the flare-up near Lake Sherwood"...

It was mentioned to me today that during a forest fire an ember can easily travel up to a mile and that’s why the fires are jumping around. I am struck by how much dry leaf debris is piled up around houses in the Canyon here. You love the natural beauty and learn to accept some debris but if people love the Canyons so much and you're not evacuated - why don’t we clear up the debris around our houses- if not for ourselves then for the neighborhood? Better safe than sorry later and wishing we had?

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