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At our last meeting there was discussion regarding speed bumps in our neighborhood. I emailed the city this weekend and plan to follow up with a call in the next day or two; I requested information on what we need to do in order to have our streets to be speed-free.

Although we've been told in the past that our community can not have speed bumps due to response times from our local authority, there has to be an alternative option.

Just yesterday I stood outside a neighbors house on Running Deer and a car flew by us, reminding me that this is a serious issue and I will be sure that the city hears us loud and clear!
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Speed Bumps in Niguel Woods...

I think 'speed-bumps' would make a huge difference for both the Niguel Woods neighbors and or non-neighbors that tend to drive too fast in our 25 MPH (or less) neighborhood zone.

I think the neighborhood across from us (off Niguel) looked into this, and was about to get approval from the city, as long as a majority of the neighborhood wanted it. I am not sure they had enough votes?

Regardless, I think speed-bumps are the best option. Signs don't deter speeders, and the portable radar units are just unsightly, and don't slow down most of the offenders.

The only other option would be a permanent speed-sign / radar unit, that can be found off of Crown Valley Parkway, just before PCH. Again, this won't solve the main problem; however, it can't remind those in the neighborhood that they are going too fast. I don't think the non-neighbors will really pay that much attention though.

I spoke with Jack, the Property Manager for Highlands Association, and he is putting me in touch with the people that got the speed bumps on Kensington approved by the city. He claims it was an ''act of god'' to get those speed bumps in. If they can do it, so can we!
Speed Bumps - Reply from City

Dear Ms. Arkell:

As you noted in your e-mail the issue of traffic speeds on Running Deer has been reviewed in the past. The steps that the City will use to address concerns about traffic speeds and volumes in residential areas are detailed in the City's Residential Traffic Management Policy. (Several of these steps were implemented for Running Deer in response to previous requests).

This policy was adopted by the City Council over 10 years ago and is designed to help address these issue on all streets where certain conditions exist. However, the installation of road bumps is only considered on streets where the City has determined that unusual conditions exist. The City has found that unusual conditions can exist on long residential streets (more than 1/2 mile long - Running Deer is only about 1/4 mile long), residential streets that are the primary street for a large (several hundred homes) community, residential streets that are part of a long route through a large neighborhood or on residential streets that directly connect two high volume arterial streets.

For these types of streets traffic volumes usually exceed 1000 vehicles per day and average traffic speeds are in the 27-30+ mph range with anywhere from 45-80% of the vehicles exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. In the previous studies for Running Deer the City found that the volumes and speeds were all well below these thresholds and that the conditions were typical for streets with similar characteristics to Running Deer.

The last speed and volume data was collected in late 2000 and the results were as follows:
Average Speed 23 mph

% exceeding 25 mph 22.7

Volume 385

Based on this data road bumps were not an option.

The City also reviewed the possibility of installing stop signs at one or more intersections and determined that conditions did not justify the installation of all way stops.

Because there have not been any major changes to traffic patterns in your area and because there have not been any major new developments in the area, we would not expect any significant changes to traffic speeds and volumes on Running Deer. Without a dramatic increase in traffic speeds and volumes, road bumps would still not be an option for Running Deer.

If the HOA would still like the City to look into this issue further we would request a letter from the Board of Directors (it can be attached to an e-mail in PDF format). If requested, the follow up will begin with new speed and volume counts and a review of the latest collision history.


David Rogers
Deputy Director of Public Works/
City Traffic Engineer

City of Laguna Niguel
27791 La Paz Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

By Jeana
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