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This is Chris Borders your Neighborhood Watch Organizer here from Happy Sparrow Lane.

I would like to dedicate this thread to any criminal activity that anyone has had, noticed, or reported to the Sheriff recently.

This way we can all be informed of any criminal activity that is happening in our neighborhood, and know what to look out for!



Great Idea

This is a great idea. I would always like to know if their have been crimes reported or suspicious activity in our neighborhood.

Often times my wife's parents, who have time to read the Laguna Niguel newspaper, tell us about crimes reported within our own neighborhood that we were not aware of.

By Rob Hamilton
Report from 9-17-07

If anyone would like to share their info on this incident, please let us know what happened, so we call all be informed what is going on in our neighborhood...

From the OC Sheriff's Blotter.

[09/17/2007 22:32:37 : ASMITH] [Cleared with unit 342] [9/17/2007 10:25:02 PM : ASMITH] Unit : 342 PTCK PT NIGUEL COMPLEX [9/17/2007 10:21:36 PM : ASMITH] INFO GIVEN TO 342 AND 442 [9/17/2007 10:19:11 PM : ASMITH] [Call 07-184903, 07-184890 are related.] [09/17/2007 22:17:36 : HOLLANDKL] Cross streets: GRAY SQUIRREL LN//LITTLE FAWN LN NBH: 951E4 92677 33.5287966906378,-117.7203963201 930 TO DIRECT REF SUBJ WANDERING THRU YARDS FOR LAST HOUR POSS 390 L/S GOING INTO POINTE NIGUEL APT COMPLEX BELOW 10-20 3 AGO...MW, EARLY 20`S, 5`10, 180, MED BUILD, SHORT HAIR, DRK TSHIRT, JEANS

[9/17/2007 10:24:47 PM : ASMITH] [Cleared with unit 342] [9/17/2007 10:19:11 PM : ASMITH] [Call 07-184890 , 07-184903 are related.] [09/17/2007 22:00:47 : GUILLORYAW] Cross streets: LITTLE FAWN LN// Landmark: NIGUEL WOODS PARK NBH: 951E4 92677 33.5307755895215,-117.7206311341 Landmark Comment: 951E4 92677 NIGUEL WOODS PARK PC FOR A MW IN DARK CLOTHING ..NFD L/S ON RUNNING DEER STOMPING ON THE GROUND AND YELLING INF THINKS HE IS POSS 11550.....NO CONTACT



Aug 29, 2013


I live on Serang Pl and when I went out to my car this morning at 7am I found writing on the hood of my car, the letters "NMG" with an arrow pointing towards the back end of the car. It was written on my hood on the driver's side. It seemed to be mud, I'm not sure, but it was easy to remove. I took a picture of it and wiped it off. I have no idea what the meaning behind it was. Hopefully it was just some kid's prank but I am concerned it could be just the beginning of some sort of harassment involving vandalism, break-ins, etc. If something else happens, I will make a report with the police. If anyone saw who did this, sees anything suspicious occuring on Serang Pl, has had a similar experience, or has any ideas or information that could help, please let me know by replying to this post.


Greatly appreciated,


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