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Tree Trimming DO IT NOW

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The recent storm caused our neighbor's tree to "lean" on our power line.

Thanks to Centerpoint's rapid response we had to be cut off for the week; in
a surprising discovery by the Centerpoint Rep -when the Smart Meter was installed it had corroded connectors but was installed anyway.

Thankfully, this blessing in disguise only cost us a month's check and not our

Thanks to Centerpoint, Ellington Leader, KHOU11 and Cavazos Electric for
their respective rapid response and repair.  Here are two important links!

Centerpoint approved partners:

by / staff

Posted on October 13,
2011 at 11:39 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 13
at 5:21 PM


HOUSTON—CenterPoint Energy is
aiming to help its customers affected by the extreme drought conditions by
cutting down some damaged trees free of charge.

The company will cut down any dead or dying trees that could pose a threat to
power lines or any of the company’s delivery equipment.

CenterPoint will cut down the trees at no cost, but will not remove them from
the property. Property owners will be responsible for having the debris removed
from their yards.

Interested property owners can call CenterPoint at 713-207-2222 or
1-800-332-7143 to have a representative come out and inspect their trees. If the
representative determines the tree is a risk to lines or equipment, an
appointment will be scheduled to have it cut down.

If you decide to call, CenterPoint Energy said someone will respond to your
home within five business days. If they think the tree or trees need to be
removed, it’ll take on average two to three weeks for crews to respond.

CenterPoint said crews will respond in a day or so if a tree poses an
immediate threat to a power line

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HI Ruth:

I missed last nights meeting; do you think that as a neigborhood-we could get together and get Centerpoint to arrange this as a topic for upcoming meetings?

it'd be a saver all around if we could get the entire neighborhood involved.

The electric company used to do this without cost every year, now it's just "as needed".



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