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 Happy New Year to All!!  I am pleased to announce that we had a great year for 2010!  We were able to get the club active and had an oppurtunity to meet and greet all residence and members of Oak Meadows and understand each and everyone's anticipation for the community. The community participation has been outstanding!! One of our residence, Rita has been expelled from the club & is no longer a member or is able to attend any of the civic club meetings.  She has made several attempts to receive a refund of her dues so we have finally granted her wish! 

As for Jan. 26, 2011 we are starting the year with Mayor A. Parker as one of our Guest of Speaker for the night along with a speaker from our surrounding plants and the Southeast Division. Should you have any suggestions that would assist our community, please feel free to let me know!

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Strange how Michelle posts this when Michelle Miranda herself requested  Rita become Oak Meadows Civic Club's Vice President and acting secretary. Which Rita agreed  and did an outstanding job during her tenor as Vice President and acting secretary from January 2011 through July 2011 and was given an award of appreciation for her continuing efforts to assist the community by Ms. Miranda at the August, 2011 meeting. 

But as usual conflicts arised between M. Miranda and Rita due to Ms. Miranda not being a person of her word by honoring her promises to no longer accept $100 per month from the community funds of the Civic Club for her cell phone and internet usage. To this date the Oak Meadows Civic Club has paid Ms. Miranda $1800.00 of community funds, of which Ms. Miranda has not proved up once that her cell phone usage is over 50% for the community, nor the internet usage by her whole family is for the community. Ms. Miranda has to call and request people to attend the meetings just to get her required quorum present. At the last meeting in August, she stated that her husband wanted her to resign, but it was apparent that Ms. Miranda does not listen to her husband and continues with the civic club. At this rate it won't be long before she has deleted the community of all of their funds.



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