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New Playground at Foster & Nostrand

Posted in: E Midwood

hi everyone.

I am looking to srart a grass roots advocacy group to protect our children and our playgrounds.

How very lucky we are to be getting what looks to be a wonderful playground clean and new with water features for the hot hot city summer.

Unfortunately this playground/area seems to be a hangout for alcoholics, drug addicts, vagrants, and other adult individuals who belong anywhere BUT at a playground.

I am looking to utilize the local teens as peer advocates...and looking to start a safe haven for our children.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am new to this area. Is there a contact for each individual playground? Do any of you have teenagers looking to volunteer and help others?

Any information or help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Let's show our children that they matter. Let's show them that affordable housing does not mean sub par living. We matter. They matter.

Thank you for any help/ advice.



Your community is fortunate to have a resident like you.  I have been looking for feedback on this topic.  I hope you find the help you need.  Our children do matter, and we have to make sure they know they matter.  I hope you the best as you work on this project.  I would like to hear what is happening. 

I just saw on TV a presentation about stimulus money going to Pawtucket RI.  The presentation was negative saying the money was being wasted.  I would like to hear from someone who lives in Pawtucket RI.  The money is to build a skate board park, and to renovate a basketball and tennis court.  The point being made by the reported is no new jobs there once the work is completed around labor day.  Pawtucket, RI residents do you feel the money is being wasted? 

Freida, I didn't mean to bring Pawtucket into this, but the topic of parks for our children is a great thing.  And just as I was reading your topic Freida, I saw the presentation about the parks in Pawtucket on TV. 




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