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Brown Dog Pizza - Why, why would you vote it down ???

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A little late to the topic, but I am beyond upset at the South Gaylord Neighborhood Association voting down Brown Dog Pizza. WHY ??? Too many liquor licenses ? Do you seriously think that in our economy, a family-run pizza establishment that wants to server beer is a BAD idea ? Or are you seriously worried that it will be bring too much parking traffic to the area ? I have been a wash park resident for over 11 years, the PURPOSE of S. Gaylord is to provide a community of shops and restaraunts to be enjoyed by locals (foot traffic) and Denverites in general. If you don't like the traffic MOVE AWAY FROM SOUTH GAYLORD you selfish individuals. You ruined an excellent opportunity for us as a community. And turning the property into car-share - - SERIOUSLY ??? Prime real estate like that dedicated to a car share ???


I am absolutely stunned that you could make such a selfish decision that impacts all of us in the community. I am ashamed at the decision, and still remember the lady who came to my door asking to sign a petition against it, and I told her flat out no. I'm sure many others did as well - who voted for this ?

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